"A Picture...

...is worth a thousand words." 

It's a common saying that we've all probably heard a thousand times. Based on the amount of photos posted on Facebook on a daily basis and the fact every person seems to have their own personal digital camera (not to mention a second one on their phone), I'd have to say we have definitely bough into this concept. I know I have. I love pictures. As a child, I was what my Mama would call a "camera ham," always smiling and posing whenever someone pulled out a camera. Now, I prefer to be behind the camera, but there's something so satisfying about capturing a moment and then being able to share it with others. Over the years I've probably spent thousands of dollars taking, printing, and framing pictures, and I have huge bins full of them stored at my parents' house to prove it! 

This week, however, I was reminded of the value of a different kind of picture. This one wasn't taken on a digital camera. It doesn't have the dimension and shading of expensive artwork. It's not on fancy paper or framed behind glass, but to me, it holds incredible value. I'm not a parent, but I'm willing to bet some of you parents and grandparents out there have pictures on your refrigerator that are just as valuable to you. 

"de Nadia para Ancheley" translation: From Nadia for Ansley :) 

This picture is the very first picture that was drawn and colored specifically for me by one of the Azorean children I'm ministering to at the clubs. It may not seem like much to you, but to me it's a reminder that I'm having an impact on the lives of these kids. Each time I look at it I'm encouraged to keep going, to keep trying, and to keep loving these kids the way Jesus loves me.  It's a reminder of why I'm here. Who know, it might end up in a frame someday after all. 

And since I do keep my camera with me almost all the time, here are a few more glimpses into my life here: 

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