I'm SO Not Athletic!

“You look very athletic today.”  

This was the greeting I received Saturday morning, just before heading to the camp center for a sports day with kids from all over the island. Now, if you know me at all, you know that “athletic” is not high on the list of characteristics that would be used to describe me, probably not even in the top 100. However, I was happy to be able to dress the part for the day. Before we started we had no idea how many kids to expect. We had the attitude of “if we have 20 kids, it’ll be a good day.” Well, we ended up with 42 kids, and it was a GREAT DAY!!  We had a soccer tournament, tons of various carnival-like games, a mini-marathon, and even a worship service and Bible lesson time. Many of the kids went home with medals from winning the competitions, and two little girls went home as brand new Christians!! I personally went home with sore legs, a little sunburn, and a very happy heart! Here are some photos from the day: 

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