Many Hands Make Light Work

In an attempt to catch everyone up on the events of those internet-free days last week, I'm gong to jump back a bit and tell you about the work that the team did. We had 4 days of work, and let me tell you, we worked hard. I would love to tell you that I, being the youngest teammate, had the most energy and worked the hardest, but that would be a lie. Everyone else on the team from Shades was quite a few years older than me, and they were running circles around me, especially Mr. Lyn, Mr. John, & Mr. Harvey. I have never seen 3 men work harder and have better attitudes than those three. It was definitely an inspiration to work alongside them and listen to them share wisdom that comes from many years of serving the Lord together. 

The main project we were expecting to finish was painting the bathhouse, inside and out. I don't think anyone really expected to get that done very quickly, but we were completely done painting by lunchtime on the 2nd day. It was one of those things where the Lord put together just the right team to be able to all work together and be extremely productive. Since the work was going so fast, we were able to surge ahead and get several more tasks completed in the time we were there. We cleaned paint drips off of each and every wall tile, weeded out a flower garden, painted the outdoor grill-house, cleaned off the patios where tents and tepees will be set up for camp, and laid floor tile in both bathrooms, the laundry room, and outdoor kitchen. Going in we didn't really have any set expectations of what we were going to do or not do, so we just kept working as long as there was something to do. By the end of the week Art said we were about a month ahead of schedule compared to where they would be if the Shades team hadn't helped. That means they are one step closer to being ready for camp this summer, and that makes me happy!! Here are some pictures of our team working. 

Finishing up painting. 

Charlotte cleaning paint splatters.

Digging out to make room for a wall and sidewalk. 

Filling in the holes above the new septic system.

Lyn laying floor tiles in the boys bathroom. 

Harvey leveling out the dirt. 

Art and Jose talking to the backhoe crew.

Harvey stretching out his back after a long day of work! 

We got a lot done, but there is still work to do. Today the guys who work at the camp on a regular basis are grouting the floor tile and finishing the tile work in the hallway. Next on their list is moving many, many large rocks to build a wall. Please pray for them as they continue to work, and please pray that the necessary money will come in so they can finish the bathhouse with important fixtures like toilets and showers. Once this bathhouse is completed they can get the necessary permits and permission to officially advertise the camps throughout the islands! 

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