A Weekend Full of Firsts

This weekend was jam packed with new experiences for me. I already posted about attending a Portuguese worship service on Sunday night, but before that, I had two other fun first-time adventures. On Friday I was invited to go to a CEF club retreat with Maria Clara. I got to spend the entire night (including a sleep over) and most of the day Saturday hanging out with 17 children, playing games, eating meals, and learning about the Bible. It was definitely a great experience, and I'll get to see some of them again tomorrow and Thursday when I go to their weekly club meeting!! Here are some pictures from the retreat:
Playing a round of "who's the leader"

Cup stacking competition

Ready for Bible time

Singing and dancing with praise songs

Attempting to play pictionary

Painting treasure boxes

It's not a real sleep over without a pillow fight!

Settling down for the night

The whole group

These beautiful girls were so sweet & tried to teach me some Portuguese!

The second new adventure came on Sunday afternoon. We went sailing on the Nilsen's boat, the Blue Fin. We didn't go far or stay out for long, but it was definitely a new and exciting experience for me. There are several families at the marina who live on their boats and travel around the world, and I wanted to see what that lifestyle would feel like.  It was a beautiful day and I really enjoyed the experience. Sadly, I also confirmed my suspicion that sailing probably won't be a lifestyle for me due to my tendency towards seasickness. Regardless, I am glad I got to go sailing! Here are a couple of pictures from the afternoon: 

Sara hanging out on the Blue Fin

If you look closely, you'll notice I'm guiding the boat! Ahh!

As you can see, it was a fantastic weekend. Now I'm enjoying some much needed down time at the Nilsen's house and looking forward to spending more time with the local kids tomorrow! 

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