A New Journey...

It's kind of a long story... but the basic point is the Lord has called me and I'm going!!

On April 20th I'll leave to spend two weeks in the Azores (Portuguese Islands) working to help build a camp facility on the island of Terciera. This trip has been over a year in the making, and I am incredibly excited about this opportunity! This will serve as a "vision trip" in preparation for a long-term missions opportunity for me there in the future. I'll be meeting some of the people who I'll be working alongside and figuring out what my role in ministry there could be. The goal right now is to make some connections and get a feel for life in the Azores on this trip, then move there sometime this fall. I'll be updating this blog throughout the entire process so that all my friends and family can keep up to date on what the Lord is doing in my life! Check out the whole story of how this all came about on the Called to the Islands tab. Thanks for reading!
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