Holiday Adventures!

May 1st is a holiday here in the Azores set aside to celebrate workers. Of course, what better way to celebrate workers than a day off of work! Since we had a whole day and the weather was cooperative, me and two of my new friends decided to spend the day exploring the island. Thanks to my handy-dandy new (to me) car, we were able to take a leisurely tour around the island. We literally went around the entire island, stopping at various places to take photos, enjoy the views, and sample the local cuisine. Here are some photos from our adventure!

Meet Raquel (left) and Beatrice (right). Raquel is Portuguese, and her family lives here in Terceira. Her father is the pastor of the Baptist church in Angra. Beatrice is Austrian, and she’s here doing an internship and learning Portuguese. These girls are so much fun!

We started the day watching a wind-surfing competition in Praia.

Then we made our way around the island stopping and some of the most beautiful places.

We even bought homemade donuts at a local snack stand. They were really good! 

Throughout the day we saw many of these “Maios” which are homemade dolls that people set up outside their houses in celebration of the holiday. 

This is also the beginning of bull fighting season on the island. 

Of course it wouldn’t really be a trip around Terceira without encountering a cow parade!

At the end of the day we ended up right where we started, enjoying the beautiful view overlooking Praia da Vitória!

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