When the mission trip comes to you...

I’ve been on several mission trips over the years, but this last week was a brand new experience for me. This time the mission trip came to me! We just wrapped up a wonderful week full of work and fun with a mission team from Shades Mountain Baptist Church. This was my first experience as a “missionary on the field” being visited by a supporting church, and let me tell you, it was GREAT! We spent the week catching up on life and laughing together as we worked at camp, continuing to prepare the property for the summer season. 

Dinner in Praia
Not only was it fantastic to get a ton of work accomplished at camp (see photos below), but it was such an encouragement to spend time with these wonderful people! I am so thankful for their support and encouragement, but even more so of the example they set in the way they live their lives. If you spend even five minutes talking with any of these people and you’ll quickly learn that their faith is real, and it causes them to live their lives intentionally.  

On every mission trip I’ve ever been on, the local missionaries and ministers have always expressed deep gratitude and appreciation for the help. I never really doubted that they were thankful, but part of me always wondered if they were just saying what they felt they were supposed to say. After this last week, my perspective has changed a bit. Now I know what it feels like to be that person on the field benefiting from the support, encouragement, and help of a mission team, and I am immensely, genuinely thankful and blessed by their commitment to being the hands and feet of the gospel.

Here are some photos from the week: 

Laying sidewalk around they bath house.

Cleaning and organizing the camp kitchen

Painting the meeting room

Packing bags for the meal ministry


The Shades team with CEF Missionary Jose.

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