All Of A Sudden...

For the last several months I've felt like things have been progressing at a snail's pace, but over these last couple of weeks everything has started happening fast...really fast!

On the Monday before Thanksgiving I got the email that my visa has been approved!! After doing my own little happy dance, I sent my passport to the Portuguese consulate for them to put the visa in it. One week later, after a spending a great holiday with my family and eating way too much food, Fed Ex returned my passport to me complete with the visa granting me entry into the Azores staring in January!! 

Two days ago we purchased my airline tickets for JANUARY 11th!!  That's exactly 6 weeks from today! I am so excited!! As of today, I only have 10 work days left at Shades, 16 days left in Birmingham, and 42 days left before I leave!! But, I mean, I'm not really counting or anything :) 

There's still a lot for me to do before I leave: figuring out how to pack for a whole year into two suitcases, saying goodbye to friends and family, learning how to have a conversation in Portuguese without totally embarrassing myself, saying goodbye to all the kiddos who've stolen my heart over the last two-and-a half years, just to name a few. The biggest obstacle of all seems to be getting the last bit of financial support that I need.  Fundraising is going well, but I still need more support. 

If I've learned nothing else, one thing I have learned over the last few months is that the Lord is faithful and He will provide exactly what I need exactly when I need it. I am confident that the Lord has it under control. Will you pray with me that the financial support will come in, that I will continue to remember His faithfulness throughout this entire journey, and that I will handle all those other things on my to-do list with grace and humility? 

If you'd like to contribute financial support please go to: www. and choose "Caldwell, Ansley" (account #1525). This will allow you to make a one-time or monthly tax deductible donation. 

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