Encouragement & Affirmation

Over the last few months there have been several moments when encouragement and affirmation came at just the right moment to remind me that I am called to this journey. Each time I've started to question my purpose or doubt my abilities, the Lord has sent me little reminders to help me out. 

If you've never experienced it, I'm here to tell you that saying goodbye to your family and stepping onto an airplane full of strangers, headed to a place where you know very few people and don't speak the language, is one of those moments when a little encouragement and affirmation is definitely needed. In addition to all the Facebook posts, tweets, and texts reminding me that this journey is being bathed in prayer, God recently gave me a couple of other more tangible affirmations. The first one came about two days before I left the states. It was a package of cards from my dear friend Alisha, who started a very similar journey about a year ago. In the package I found 12 handwritten cards, each once written specifically for upcoming moments and milestones in the journey. So far, I've opened about four of them, and each one has been such a blessing to me!!

She knows me so well!! 

The other major moment of affirmation that came while traveling happened just after my first flight,  as I waited on my luggage in Boston. In an effort to get my luggage from one end of the airport to the other without killing myself or someone else, I decided to rent a luggage cart. It wasn't until I had half of my luggage already on the cart that I noticed the advertisement (on the cart that I "happened" to get) was an advertisement for the Azores!! It might not seem like much to you, but to me, it was like God had taken that moment to wink at me and say "Stop worrying. I've got this covered. You're on the right track." It was such an affirming moment that came at the perfect time! 

Special thanks to all of you who have encouraged me through email, text, Facebook, and prayer over these last few days!! Please keep it up! This journey is just beginning and I couldn't be more thankful to have you all on my side!  

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